Haiku in 14-line series, two

Pt. 1

People wear masks
To hide or to accentuate
Their true identity.

It’s all Greek drama -
A sad mask projects a frown,
A happy mask smiles.

That’s all fine if you
Live and breathe on a stage where
Performance is your thing.

But here in the real world,
We unmask and we see things
As they really are.

Let our mask not be
More explicit than that.

Pt 2

Some of the masks we wear
Depict our becoming into
A different identity.

Some, like race-face, black
Or white, double down on what
We really hope to be -

Others highlight moods swings,
Whether manic or in the dumps,
As we slowly navigate -

Still others genderize -
With wigs and hormone shots
And extra body parts.

Living the staged version
Helps hide a broken life.

Pt. 3

I tried to join a group
But folks ignore my postings -
Must be my altitude -

Or my latitude -
We’re sailing - you may not like
The cut of my jib -

And that’s OK too.
My wife hates the smell of brewed
Cacao in coffee

For example. Each
To his own - do your own thing -
Nobody’s keeping score,

Until the endgame -
When all will be revealed.